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Robust Market for Yarns

14 Jan 2019 / in Blog, Press Releases

The demands for yarns, fibers and other related products used in the textile business is robust. Threats of anti-dumping duties on textured polyester yarns imported from China and India are helping fuel demands for Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) & North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) compliant yarns. This year’s increased levy by the […]

Rubberflex and DeSales in Latex Rubber Thread Partnership [Knitting International]

19 Aug 2017 / in Blog, Published Articles

Rubberflex Sdn. Bhd. of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and DeSales Trading Company of Burlington, North Carolina, USA have begun a partnership in the distribution of 100% latex rubber thread in the US. Amy Wong, international sales coordinator at Rubberflex, said: “DeSales offers an excellent channel for our products to reach the elastic narrow fabric, braided rope […]

Textured Yarns at DeSales Trading Company

10 Nov 2014 / in Blog

The process of texturing yarns for the textile industry involves the transition of partially oriented yarn (POY) through a “texturing machine” where the POY is exposed to heat, air and tension to draw, stretch or elongate the yarn. A textured yarn is commonly referred to as a Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY).

Synthetic Elastomeric Yarn (Spandex) at DeSales Trading Company

17 Oct 2014 / in Blog

Synthetic Elastomeric Yarn is commonly referred to as spandex yarn which was first produced in the 1950s by the German textile manufacturer Bayer Fibers. Spandex was originally designed to be a synthetic replacement for natural latex rubber. Bayer Fibers produced their brand of spandex under the name of Dorlastan. Subsequently, DuPont Fibers, produced their brand […]

Off Grade Spandex at DeSales Trading Company

13 Oct 2014 / in Blog

Stock Lot Yarns at DeSales Trading Company

03 Oct 2014 / in Blog

DeSales Trading Company, Inc, since 1969, has made a name in the textile business by buying and selling – off-grade yarns, odd-lot or as some term, stock-lot yarns. So what is the meaning of stock-lot yarns? Stock-lot is a term widely used in Europe and some other regions of the world as inventory that is […]

Substandard Yarns at DeSales Trading Company

29 Sep 2014 / in Blog

One of the primary reasons DeSales Trading Company is in business is to buy & sell substandard yarns. Since 1969, DeSales Trading Company, has purchased substandard yarns from the primary producers of yarns, the primary texturizers of yarns and the primary spinners of yarns. In addition, DeSales Trading Company has purchased substandard yarns from many […]

Off Grade Yarns at DeSales Trading Company

29 Sep 2014 / in Blog

DeSales Trading Company, Inc is a textile business focused on the buying and selling of off-grade yarns is based in Burlington, North Carolina USA. Since 1969, when DeSales Trading Company was founded, our company has maintained direct relationships with yarn producers, texturizers and yarn spinners by purchasing off-grade yarns. Off-grade yarns are sometimes referred to […]