Why is the spandex downgraded?

  1. Denier variation: when you purchase 1st quality raw/bare spandex 70 denier, for example, you get exactly 70 denier. With the off-grade/2nd quality, the denier can vary.
  2. Package size variation:
    when you purchase 1st quality raw/bare spandex each unit is metered which means that each package has the same amount of yarn. With the off-grade/2nd quality, the package sizes can vary.

What kind of colors and counts can I expect in a 00/0 or mixed category?

The 00/0 identification indicates within a case there is an assortment of counts or deniers. Generally, the count range or denier range will be consistent with our suppliers typical product mix. If we are sourcing a product from an apparel yarn dyer the counts or deniers will be typical apparel yarn sizes.

If the 00/0 is followed by a “Dyed” description the cases contained within this category will have mixed or assorted colors mixed within one case. There is no way to determine what colors will be inside a case. It is a true “mixed/assorted” colors within a case.

Why are there so many grades of textured polyester?

  1. Our DB Grade refers to the packages being metered; however, the yarn is NOT guaranteed for dyeing.
  2. Our B Grade refers to the packages not being metered. The maximum target weight for a full unit is 10.0 lbs./4.5 kilos. The B Grade package can vary “about” 4.0 lbs. to 10.0 lbs.
  3. Our C Grade refers to the packages not being metered. Greater variance in package sizes and the potential for additional broken filaments and untextured ends.

What makes a spun cotton yarn defective?

  • potential count variation
  • package size variation
  • uneven waxing
  • absence of take-up tails
  • contamination of a foreign matter

Why do the imported spun yarn cases only have 100 lbs. worth of yarn?

Many countries using this same yarn handle the cases by hand, not by a motorized forklift.

What is a skinner package?

A skinner package is less than a “support” package. For example, if you place a spun yarn package under another spun yarn package and the unit on top will not rest on the “supporting” package the support package is considered a “skinner” vs. a partial package. Skinner packages have extremely small amount of yarn on the tube or cone.

How much yarn will fit onto a truck?

  • An over-the-road tractor-trailer can carry about 38,000 lbs/17,200 kilos to 40,000 lbs./18,100 kilos.
  • A 40-ft. standard ocean container will hold about 30,000 lbs./13,600 kilos to 35,000 lbs./15,800 kilos.
  • When loading acrylic and raw/spandex the weights will be less than those mentioned above.

Where did the name DeSales Trading come from?

The founder of DeSales Trading Company, Wm. T. “Bud” Murray was a Roman Catholic. He attended Northeast Catholic High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While at Northeast Catholic High, Bud learned about the Roman Catholic saint St. Francis DeSales. Bud later attended the seminary to study to become a Catholic priest. The seminary was directed by The Oblates of St. Francis DeSales. After three years of seminary, Bud decided a religious vocation was not for him. Bud then entered into the U.S. Navy and married his fiancée, Noel Bussey, at the church of St. Francis DeSales in Oakland, California. Upon the start of Bud’s textile venture he knew he was going to need a lot of patience and humility to get his project off and running. It just happened that the patron saint of patience is St. Francis DeSales—hence DeSales Trading Company.